JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (Riverina region)
List published in the Pastoral Times newspaper (Deniliquin) on 6 August 1864

In 1864 a review was carried out of the Justices of the Peace constituted under the Commission of the Peace in the Colony of New South Wales.  The review reduced the number of Justices of the Peace in the Colony from 1,295 to 620.  Of the persons omitted, many were permanently absent from the Colony or had died.  Other criteria used to cull names from the list were as follows: "persons who are thought to be by education, means, or character unfit to be justices of the peace"; where there were members of the same family "residing in the same neighbourhood, and likely to attend the same Bench", all but one were omitted from the list; "people in active business generally, unless retained by reason of paucity of eligible persons in their district"; "medical men in many instances"; "persons who have rarely or never attended any Bench"; "persons about whom no information could be obtained"; and, "Public officers, whose position and duties were considered to be incompatible with the due discharge of magisterial functions".  Members of the Legislature, formerly magistrates, were retained in the new Commission.

An article, published in the Pastoral Times on 6 August 1864, headlined "THE NEW COMMISSION OF THE PEACE", included the names and other details (listed below) "of those gentlemen in Riverina who have been appointed under the new Commission of the Peace".  The Riverina region, as conceived in the 1860s, was a vast area (essentially the western half of the Colony of New South Wales) encompassing the Murrumbidgee, Lachlan and Darling rivers; it was typified as one immense saltbush plain intersected by a few rivers, all joining the Murray.

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AIRES, Edward Hart – Darling River.

BOLAND, Peter – Bald Hills, Lachlan.
BROUGHAM, Patrick – Edward River.
BROWNRIGG, Marcus Freeman – Police Magistrate, Albury.

CARSTAIRS, George – Wentworth.
CHADWICK, Nicholas – Balranald.
CHISHOLME, Andrew Seaton – Mount Murchison, Darling River.
CHRISTIE, John – Murrumbidgee, Dubbo.
CLARKE, John – Kerrabury [Kerarbury], Murrumbidgee River.
COCHRANE, James – Columbo Creek, Deniliquin.
COCKBURN, Lawrence – Moolpa, Edward River.
CROSIER, John – Moorna, Murray River.
CRUICKSHANK, Alexander – Murrumbidgee, Dubbo.

DARCHY, Thomas – Gilam [Gelam], Lower Murrumbidgee.
DESAILLY, Francis – Deniliquin.
DIGHT, John – Albury.
DOWLING, Vincent – Fort Bourke.
DOWNIE, John – Illillawa, Hay.
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FALLON, James T. – Albury.
FIREBRACE, Edward Bell – Hay.
FENNELL, John Joseph – Wagga Wagga.
FLOOD, Walter – Dubbo.
FOOTT, James – Fort Bourke.
FORSYTH, George – Wagga Wagga.

GARRETT, John – Police Magistrate, Bourke.
GAUNT, William Henry – Rutherglen, Victoria.
GENNYS, John Henn – Carcoar.
GIBSON, Frederick – Bogolong, Lachlan.
GILES, James – Police Magistrate, Deniliquin.
GORDON, John – Bonderbo, Wagga Wagga.
GRIFFIN, James Harrop – Chief Gold Commissioner, Southern District.
GWYNNE, Francis Anthony – Murgah, Moulamein.
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HENTY, Thomas – Round Hill, Billabong.
HERRIOT, Elliott – Albury.
HUME, Hamilton – Yass.
HUON, William – Albury.

IRVING, David Maxwell – Dubbo.

JAMIESON, Hugh – Mildurra, Lower Murray.

KEATING, James Jeffrey – Albury.
KENNEDY, John – Jerilderie.

LANDALE, Alexander – Deniliquin.
LANDALE, Robert – Moulamein.
LANG, Gideon Scott – Wagga Wagga.
LEITCH, John – Berry Jerry, Wagga Wagga.
LOCKHART, Charles George Norman – Commissioner of Crown Lands, Murrumbidgee.
LOUGHNAN, Henry Nicholas – Wantebadgerai, Murrumbidgee.
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MacFARLANE, Walter – Paika, Balranald.
McKINNON, Charles Farquhar – Moolpar, Edward River.
MacLAURIN, Archibald – Deniliquin.
MacLAURIN, James – Albury.
McNEIL, Alexander – Yanko, Wagga Wagga.
MAIR, George – Tooma, Murray River.
MARTIN, William – Uabba, Lachlan.
MEIN, George Augustus – Moolpar.
MITCHELL, John Francis – Albury.
MOORE, Frederick Thomas – Urana.

O’SULLIVAN, Silvester – Cudgeligo, Lachlan.

PARKER, William James – Gundaroo.
PATTERSON, John – Illalong, Binalong.
PATTERSON, Robert – Conargo, Deniliquin.
PEPPIN, George – Wanganilla [Wanganella], Deniliquin.
PHELPS, Joseph James – Windomal, Balranald.
PHILLIPS, John – Edward River.
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RANDELL, Elliott Charles – Hay.
RICKETSON, Henry – Baratta, Moulemein.
ROSE, Alfred Cyrus Spencer, Police Magistrate, Gundagai.
ROSS, William – Meilmane, Lower Darling.
RYRIE, John – Euromedah, Dubbo.

SERISIER, Jean Emile – Dubbo.
SHIELL, Henry – Police Magistrate, Hay.
STREET, Phillip Wood – Dondobolin [Condobolin?]
STRICKLAND, Josiah – Bundaburra, Lachlan.
SUTTOR, George Thomas – Darling River.
SUTTOR, William Henry (Jnr.) – Condobolin.
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TAYLOR, Frederick – Burrabogie, Hay.
TIBBITTS, Walter Hugh – Dubbo.

VALIANT, Frederick – Moulamein.

WEST, Joseph Tertius – Omay, Lachlan.
WEST, Thomas Henry – Cudgelong, Cowra.
WINDEYER, Walter Orton – Wantabadgery, Wagga Wagga.
WREN, Erasmus – (Medical practitioner) Deniliquin.
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