The New South Wales Official Post Office Directory – 1867 (pp. 141-2)

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HAY, Co. WARADGERY, Telegraph and Money Order Office, Parish of Hay, Electoral District of Murrumbidgee, and Police District of Wagga Wagga, 460 miles S.W.W. of Sydney.

ALTON, James, carpenter

ANDERSON, James, bootmaker


BAILLIE, Thomas, squatter, Berrembah

BERESFORD, William, innkeeper, 16 miles gums

BLEWETT, Thomas E., bookkeeper, Pine street

BROWNE, Wm., Captain, Lachlan Street

BUTTERWORTH, George, tailor, Lachlan street

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CALVERT, Francis, auctioneer, Lachlan street

CARTER, William, innkeeper, Lachlan street

CHAMBERS, Frank, squatter, Pevensey

CLARK, John, squatter, Kerarburg [Kerarbury]

CLARKSON, Charles H., surgeon, Simpson street

CLUTTERBUCK, John, restaurant, Lachlan street


DARCHY, Thomas, squatter, Oxley

DARLOT, Henry, squatter, Gelam

DOBSON, John, coach-driver, Simpson’s street

DONAHOE, Andrew, butcher, Lachlan street

DEVONALD, Thomas, sen., Lachlan street

DOW, John, manager of station, Foganmaire [Toganmain]

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EARL, Rev. Robert T., minister, Simpson street


FALKINER, Robt. H., A.J.S. bank, Lachlan street

FAIRBAIRN, John, sheep inspector, Lachlan street

FARRALLE, W. K., surgeon, Simpson street

FARRIER, Edwin, puntman

FORD, William, saddler, Lachlan street

FORSYTH, James, C.P.S., Lachlan street

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GORMLY, Thomas, poundkeeper


HASLAM, Abraham, innkeeper, South [Hay]

HIGGINS, Robert, squatter, Ulonga


INGRAM, Edwd., manager station, Eli Elwah


JOHNSTONE, Jas., innkeeper, The One-tree

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LANG, William, squatter, Wargam

LEARMONTH, A. J. L., squatter, Groongal

LEDWIDGE, Christ., publican, Lachlan street

LENNING, William, restaurant


McEVOY, James, squatter, Woolendool

McFADZEAN, William, builder

McGAW, Joseph, squatter, Burrabogie

McKENZIE, William, schoolmaster

McLARSY [McLARTY], Donald, manager, Bringagee

MATTHEWS, Charles, billiard-marker

MIDDLETON, Cecil A., Telegraph master, Lachlan street

MOSS, Simon, storekeeper, Lachlan street

MOSS, Mortimer J., agent

MOSS, Abraham, storekeeper, Lachlan street

MOSS, Louis, storekeeper, Lachlan street

MYERS, Jacob, carrier, Lachlan street

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NICHOLAS, William C., timber merchant


PALMER, Matthew, squatter, Coonong

PIERPOINT, William, shopman

PIGOT, John, hawker, Simpson street

POLLARD, James H., storekeeper, Lachlan street

PORTER, Samuel, innkeeper, Pine ridge

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ROUGHEED [or ROUGHEAD], Frank, chemist


SABENE [SABINE], William, innkeeper

SCOTT, Robert, squatter, Toogimbie

SEVERNE Bros., squatters, Benduck

SIMPSON, Thomas, blacksmith   [Biography]

SIMSON, Colin W., squatter, Mungadel

SMITH, Henry N., innkeeper

STODDART, John, auctioneer, Lachlan street

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TAYLOR, John, innkeeper, Lachlan street

THRELKELD, William, builder, Simpson street

THRELKELD, Robert, innkeeper

TULLY, Walter, manager station, Illawarra [Illilawa]


WALLER, William N., squatter, Cuba

WELSH, Henry B., Lake Walgear

MAGGE [WRAGGE] and HEARNE, squatters, Wardry

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