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Hay Historical Society Inc.

The Hay Historical Society has a number of publications and CD-ROMs for sale.  We are a non-profit organisation and items are priced to cover expenses.

Publications for sale

The Society has the following publications for sale:

Hay Public School: 150 Years of History 1869-2019  written by Ian Beissel as part of the celebration of the school's sesquicentenary  [price: $55 (Aust.), which includes postage & handling within Australia].

Mackenzie's Riverina: A Tour of the Hay District Pastoral Holdings of the 1890s (Second Edition)  (a collection of the writings of Harold M. Mackenzie, edited by Caroline Merrylees - with an additional pictorial supplement)  [price: $40 (Aust.), which includes postage & handling within Australia].

Haywire: The Wartime Camps at Hay  [price: $50 (Aust.), which includes postage & handling within Australia].

Beyond the Lachlan: A History of Tomís Lake and the Crossley Family by Norman Crossley [price: $49.50 (Aust.) plus postage] Ė available directly from the author (e-mail ) or from the Riverine Grazier, 183 Lachlan Street, Hay.

Rene: Photographer of Hay  [price: $25 (Aust.), plus $5 for postage & handling within Australia].

Ringer: Tales of Hay and the Western Riverina  [price: $40 (Aust.), plus $10 for postage & handling within Australia].

Among the Pioneers: A Guide to Rambles in the Hay Cemetery  [price: $5 (Aust.), which includes postage & handling within Australia].

Pastoral Records of the Riverina, a collection of microfilmed records of pastoral holdings in the Hay district.  Click on the link for full details and prices.

Reprint of Robert Ronald's The Riverina: People and Properties (first published 1960) - now available from the Riverine Grazier, 183 Lachlan Street, Hay, NSW, 2711  [price $55 (Aust.) plus $7 postage & handling within Australia].

Brave Beginnings: A History of the Carrathool District  by Caroline Merrylees [price: $15 (Aust.), plus $5 for postage & handling within Australia].

The Witcombe Heritage: A History of the Buildings of Hay  written & compiled by Caroline Merrylees & Derek Woolcott [price: $15 (Aust.), plus $5 for postage & handling within Australia].

CD-ROMs for sale

The Society has produced two CD-ROMs, each providing valuable tools for the study and appreciation of the history of Hay and district over the past 150 years.  Click the links for full details and prices.

Portrait of Hay has 1600 images on two CDs, featuring local photographs from the 1870's to the 1980's.

Haystacks contains a vast amount of historical and contemporary information and data relating to the residents of Hay and surrounding areas.

Portrait of Hay   (CD-ROM - two discs )
Portrait of Hay contains 1600 photos on two CD-ROMs, plus much historical information.  The project was a spin-off from the Gavin A. Johnston Negative Indexing task, in which 78,000 black & white negatives were identified, listed, indexed and archived for future use.  The CDs showcase a selection of about 1500 of these photos, adding several other important collections spanning a period of 125 years.Hay's first Courthouse
Hay's first Courthouse, on the site of the present Post Office  (photo: H.T. Davidson, about 1874).
CD (1)  is made up completely of Gavin Johnston's photography, divided into decades from the 1950's to the 1980's.  These photographs were taken in the course of Gavin's work as editor, photographer and proprietor of Hay's newspaper The Riverine Grazier, and represent the typical coverage he gave to the people of Hay.  The photographs are of great value both for historical purposes as well as for the exceptional quality of the photography.  Gavin Johnston began work with The Riverine Grazier in 1955.  The newspaper had been in the Johnston family since Gavin's grandfather, John Johnston, bought the business in 1888, in partnership with James Ashton.  The full index of photographs, representing 1600 hours' work, is available on the Haystacks CD-ROM.

CD (2) contain two further groups of Gavin Johnston's photographs.  One group is of properties, events and villages of the Hay district.  The other is of copies Gavin made of older photographs (by unknown photographers) of local historical importance.
Also included on this CD are other smaller collections:
Fred Harrison (1888 - 1964) was the son of George Henry Harrison, a local merchant and storekeeper.  Fred's excellent photos of Hay and local personalities are mostly dated from the first World War era and are reproduced from glass plates.
Albert Underwood (1883 - 1956) became caretaker and grave-digger of the Hay Cemetery in 1913, and continued in that role for 43 years until his death in 1956.  Albert's photographs included here are mainly from the 1931 floods and the Second World War POW Camp era.
Derek Woolcott's involvement with recording the buildings of Hay & district began in the mid-1970's when he made a number of visits to research and photograph structures which he identified as of historical interest.  He submitted photographs and descriptions to the National Trust, as a result of which many buildings were listed, and several received classified status.  Derek's black & white photographs are included.
Elizabeth Gibson and Caroline Merrylees are local artists.  Included are photographs by both, recording contemporary images and selected subjects of Hay and district.
Included also are photographs taken in 1874 by H. T. Davidson and others of historical importance by unknown photographers.

Portrait of Hay CD-ROM costs $79 (Aust.), plus $5 for postage & handling within Australia.

Click here for details of how to order.

Haystacks   (CD-ROM )

Haystacks CD-ROM is an information resource providing an accessible tool for genealogical and local history studies relating to Hay and surrounding areas.  It contains an extensive collection of fully-searchable primary data that provides a varied and full picture of the residents of the town and district over the past 150 years.  Databases on the CD-ROM include the following:

Churches:  all local denominations are covered, including lists of ministers, priests and nuns; St. Mary's convent school information.
Clubs & Societies:  histories and details of the Murrumbidgee Lodge, Waradgery Club and Hay Pastoral & Agricultural Society; extensive listing of clubs & societies with current office-bearers.
Directories & 1901 Census:  listings and directories from 1879 to the present;  1945 Riverina telephone directory;  the 1901 Census returns, including a set of 17 maps accompanying the Census showing property layouts.
Gaol Museum Archives:  artifacts listings & details of photographs, mainly taken after 1985 by Gavin Johnston.
Graves & Cemeteries:  records of grave-sites for Hay, surrounding villages and stations from 1859 to 1999.
Honour Boards, Plaques and Memorials:  transcriptions of plaques and honour boards in churches, schools and other public buildings, including war honour boards at the Memorial Hall and War Memorial High School, other High School honour boards and memorials at the Hay Goal Museum.
Hostels & Out-of-Town Students:  listings of out-of-town students attending various hostels in Hay for the period 1918 to 2000.
Land & Rural:  1880s and 1890s sheep numbers on Hay district holdings;  Pastures Protection Board list for 1905 giving a great deal of information about local properties;  index to Riverina land on the market on the books of Hidgcock & Co. (1892 to 1913);   details of stock routes and reserves & Rural Lands Protection Board details.
Regional Towns & Villages:  records covering Carrathool, Goolgowi, Tabbita, Maude and Darlington Point;  larger section on Hillston, including war service lists, directories and a short history of the town.
Township of Hay:  a collection of files from 1872 to the present, including lists of Mayors & other office-bearers, doctors, hospital matrons and postmasters;  Hay Hospital, Haydays Retirement Community and Volunteer Ambulance records;  population statistics of Hay and surrounding villages;  notes on the early Chinese and Jewish residents of Hay.
Trade & Business:  lists of trades and tradesmen;  listings of bank managers;   hotel licensees in the Hay district from 1865 to 1882.
War Service:  volunteer listings from the Boer War & subsequent conflicts;  listings of the Garrison Battalion, the Volunteer Defence Corps and National Servicemen, details about the POW camps and the River Farm enterprise;  article about Pte. William Jackson (V.C.).

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  Haystacks CD can be used on any PC running Windows 95 or higher, equipped with a CD-ROM drive.  However, for best results it is recommended that the computer be a Pentium or better, with at least 32 Meg of memory, and a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 dots per inch with better than 256 colours.
A licensed runtime copy of the ISYS Query program is included for searching and browsing the CD.

Haystacks CD-ROM costs $59 (Aust.), plus $5 for postage & handling within Australia.

Click here for details of how to order.

Enquiries regarding sales should be made to:

The Secretary
Hay Historical Society Inc.
P.O. Box 467
HAY NSW 2711

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