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Mayors & Shire Presidents of Hay Photographic Display


The Hay Historical Society has compiled and mounted a display of photographs of all the Mayors of Hay and Waradgery Shire Presidents, from the beginning of municipal government at Hay in 1872 to the present.  This extensive permanent display is located in the foyer of the Hay Shire Council.  The photographs on display have been obtained from a variety of private and public sources. 

So far, however, ten former Mayors have eluded the researchers.  The Hay Historical Society is seeking assistance in locating photographs of the following individuals to complete the collection:  


    Mitchell TARTAKOVER  (Mayor in 1878)

    John WITCOMBE  (Mayor in 1883-4, 1898 & 1901)

    Richard R. HARVEY  (Mayor in 1885)

    Huie N. BOWDEN  (Mayor in 1885)

    William TRAVIS  (Mayor in 1886)

    Anthony BROUGH  (Mayor in 1889)

    Tom W. WOOD  (Mayor in 1891)

    John BENT  (Mayor in 1904 & 1906-08)

    Joseph H. RAWNSLEY  (Mayor in 1915)

    Frank THOMPSON  (Mayor in 1920)


Any information about any of these men would also be welcomed.


Frank Johns - first Mayor of Hay
Frank Johns (1834 - 1912) first Mayor of Hay 1872-4. 

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